Mike Eze Releases New Single "Demonz"

Mike Eze has released a new single entitled Demonz.

This is track to get excited for, the production, quality, time and effort put into this composition really shines.The instrumental on this track sounds versatile and dynamic. The flow of Mike Eze complements this very dynamic instrumental. A unique sound is this created, through the use of cleverly and free flowing lyricism. A line that appeals to me is "Demons they keep calling me" - a somewhat melancholic idiom, that fits in well with the theme of the composition. This track creates a strong message in addition to this.

Demonz” is an autobiographical tale about Mike Eze’s physical and psychological struggle to achieve success and his passion and desire to obtain it. However there are often times where he feels like there’s an external force actively hindering him from achieving the greatness he feels like he deserves. A type of malevolent spiritual presence that he just cannot put into words....so he did what he does best and put it into musical form. With both a trap beat and a captivating melody this song is both for the people who want to turn up and have fun and for people whom want to sit and ponder about their life story. Best of both worlds!

This is a highly recommended track and you can listen here:


Here Is a snippet: