BLOOODHOUND Releases New Album "451208WISH"

BLOOODHOUND has released a new album entitled 451208WISH.

This album as DJ Khaled would put it, is 'mysterious'. However, this is the type of music I admire. I appreciate artists creating compositions that don't necessarily fit the common structure we all know, rather, they make music that they think sounds and feels right. BLOOODHOUND has bravely experimented with sounds, percs, samples, vocals, and melodies in order to create a true masterpiece. An eerie sound is sustained through the album, and this is perfect.

The first track Friends eat Friends is repetitive and works to create an intriguing and engaging opening composition. The bass line is distorted and creates for an eerie and spooky composition.

Followed by Friends eat Friends is a personal favourite of mine, 11.11. I don't know what it is about this composition, the verity of vocal chops? The moving bass-line? Or is it the lead in the combination with the diverse drum pattern that really pulls me in. Whatever it is, the combination of sounds creates for an engaging and unique experience.

The track no, is extremely abstract, possibly one of the most diverse and abstract compositions on this project. The constant cuts, intense hi hats and inconsistent bass works well in creating an intriguing and chilling piece. This is a track I personally favour.

The I'm Fine (Interlude), is quite different to the previous tracks and focuses on the vocal samples. There is a heaven-like pluck that directly juxtaposes the previous tracks. This track is calm and easy to take in and finishes calmly.

even if u hit me is more focused on the bass. The weird pluck like sound that creates the melody accompanies this very abstract bass line in creating a strong composition. The composition then fades into the following track Purity Stings, which also bass heavy, accompanied with multiple hihats.

The final track on the album life after death is quite different to the previous tracks as well. The vocals present more clarity, the hats are still there and the bass doesn't override.

This is an astonishing album and I hope you listen to it and enjoy it the same way I did.

This instagram post by the artist explains the origins of the album.