Chad Rico Set To Release 4 New Singles as apart of "12 Weeks of Summer"

Chad Rico is set to release 4 new singles as apart of 12 Weeks of Summer including:

"How You Make It" on 7/12 "Barbados" on 7/19 "All the Love" on 7/26 "International Gentleman" on 8/2

Chad Rico has already released four singles, Legend In The Coupe, Pure Highbury, Charge It To The Game and Caution Can't Trust You. But now he is steeping it up and giving us four more. His versitile and dynamic flow on an often bright beat is astonishing. This is one of my favourite up and coming rappers with an intriguing back story.

It may be summer break but for college math professor and hip hop artist Chad Rico school is back in session! Chad plans to drop lesson plans all season long with his "12 Weeks of Summer" EP project on Gold & Gems Records by releasing a new single every week.