Lito Releases New Track Entitled "Birds"

Lito has released a new track entitled Birds.

I am very enthusiastic about this composition. I was in my room looking through my inbox and this track came up. Lito said that Joji was his inspiration, and I personally favour Joji so I thought that I would enjoy this. So I clicked the Spotify link and listened. Although I'm not a fan of people 1 for 1 copying a style. This is not that. Because when I played this aloud, It was clear to me that this composition is Lito's very own well composed and established style. This composition in itself has to be one of my favourite singles of 2019, and I don't say that lightly, I listen to a lot of music. The thick and enriched bass, the beautiful abstract like melody, and the warm vocals is what makes this track what it is. Perfect. I suspect that this was not recorded in a studio, and thats what makes it even better. Lito's independence and ability to make sure a pure track, without the access to the same equipment mainstream artist have amazes me. This track is beautiful and I highly recommend it.