Temperature Falls Releases Debut Self-Titled Album

Temperature Falls has released their debut self-titled album. It consists of 9 tracks.

This is an astonishing album. All aspects of this project amaze me. The opening track, Darkness All Around, starts very strong and engages the listener from early moments. The vocals are unique yet perfected and the instrumental on this composition is engaging and dynamic.

Following the opening composition is the band's most popular track to date, and it's not hard to see why. Guilty / Stability has a very vibrant drum pattern that draws the listener in. The abstract percs that in turn create a melody that assists the guitar is intriguing. And the vocals are no short from perfection. This is a beautiful piece.

Paper Princess has a very particular sound to it. The drums play a key role in this track in developing a rhythm, while the vocals and guitar paint the emotion and sound. Its a very grunge-like composition I personally favour.

Into the Fray begins with a very mysterious drum pattern. The vocals then make a grand entrance and lead the listener on a narrative. The vocals are very consistent through the entirety of the album and can adapt to the instrumental, whether it be thin or heavy layered. This can be experienced best in this track.

No Ordinary Girl is hands down, my favourite track on this highly admired album. Theres something about this composition that you just fall in love with from first listen. It really ties the album together before the final track, Clinch, which sustains the unique and adored rhythm.

Temperature Falls were borne out of the chance meeting at a party in Oslo, Norway. Ian J Ward formerly a musician in UK Nu Metal Band 'Number One Son' had just moved to Norway, starting a new life in the isolation of a new country he had ventured into alone. During these early months Ian started to begin writing music once again in his newly rented basement apartment an hour North of Oslo, in a town called Jessheim.

A chance meeting at a co workers party, he was introduced to Camilla who was known as a talented vocalist and musician who had not yet found the right project to showcase her talents. After a few weeks in Ians studio the first few tracks came to fruition and they both knew they had to continue this project. Every free moment of 2018 was crammed into writing - re-writing - recording and writing some more, until they were satisfied they had put every drop of their souls into this record.

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