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January 6, 2020

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Nicolay Leganger Releases Track "You'r So"

July 18, 2019

Norwegian singer/songwriter Nicolay Leganger has released a touching new track entitled You'r So…


You can listen here:


This song has a touching message. As the artist puts it, its about girls not releasing their inner beauty. He paints a vivid and positive message. This composition is beautiful and moving.  The language is very delicate and well performed. This is a well composed track with great production and surreal lyricsim. Here are the lyrics to the masterpiece:


You’re walking down the street with an easy mind

as if you don’t know that you’re one of a kind.

You don’t dress revealing, you put up no show.

I get the feeling that you just don’t know:


That you are so nana...

That is what you are

Your so …nanana..

That’s exactly, just exactly what you are….


Have you styled your hair, or not? I just have to look,

but all I can see is that I’m on the hook.

I forget to breath, my stomach is perplexed.

I suddenly feel hungry, I need some snacks.


Cause you are so nana ..

That is what you are

Your so …nanana..

That’s exactly, just exactly what you are….


Strange things happens in the street as you appear.

Men seem to freeze, they stop up and stare.

Just as they speak, they forget what to say:

Their mind is blowing up, and their moral blows away.


Cause you are so sexy.

That is what you are.

Your so sexy!

That’s exactly, just exactly what you are….


It must be hard to be the one all men adores.

It must be hard to be the man that you call yours,

but I’d rather have you than to be a millionaire.

If love is a disease, I need intensive care!


Cause you are so sexy

That is what you are

Your so sexy!

That’s exactly, just exactly what you are….


'The title reflects the first notion men can feel when "there is something about that girl"'  The artist told us... "  but you are not certain what it actually is. You feel something, and you like what you feel.  But because she is not showing much skin, or were makeup, she is not giving away strong signals telling the world that she wants to have a man, or that she wants to appear attractive.  She is just a natural girl.



You can listen here:



Album link:


"deMotiverte" are musicians who like many genres, such as rock, country, jazz, funk, pop, blues, acid and heavy. 


They say: “When we play together, it is to bring forth Nicolay Leganger's lyrics and melodies, our favorite singer-songwriter. There are simply no other songs we rather want people to hear. Listen to the relentless critical and ironic songs, where he harasses himself, most others, and society. It may seem like he wants to save the world. We others are both motivated and demotivated. But we understand what he wants.”


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