Adrian Prath Releases New EP "Maple Leaf"

Adrian Prath has released a new ep entitled Maple Leaf.

The EP was inspired by Adrian's trip to Canada. The full EP is condensed into one youtube video which you can view here.

0:00 - Vancouver

2:55 - Rain

6:09 - Riverside

9:48 - 2nd Floor

Adrian finds a surreal and unique sound, sustained throughout the entirety of his project. His admiration and inspiration from Canada is noticeable in the songs mostly positive themes and ideas. Having a real strong sense of direction has worked well for this artist. Adrian has skilfully and successfully created a unique and engaging sound he labels as Dreampop. The vocals do in fact sound dreamy and at times ambient, while the instrumentals keep an upbeat and bright tone. This is a highly recommended EP that you have to listen to.