Guy Freedom English Releases New Album "American Made"

Guy Freedom English has released an exciting new 8 track album entitled American Made.

This album is of the rock genre, heavily inspired by AC/DC. You know this one is going to be good.

The first track Scream, is fast paced an exciting. This composition really engages you from an early listen and excites you for future tracks. The vocals are stellar, the drum is upbeat, the bass is rich, and the guitar is astonishing.

Standing In The Rain takes a slower approach until the chorus kicks in. The vocals feel grungy but that works perfectly in conveying the ideas and emotions of the track. The guitar is flawless as always, hitting all the right notes in the solo. The drums really progress the track.

Take Me Back to the D.P.R.K is an anthem. The chant like chorus makes it catchy and easy to sing along. The guitar develop a unique melody while the drum and bass complete the composition. This is a personal favourite for its playful nature.

Broken Wings sounds somewhat abstract. The guitar feels like its distorted which is perfect in creating an intriguing and unique composition. As always, the vocals are perfect and the drums play a critical role in sustaining the movement in this track.

The final composition is the longest. Walk Alone is a true experience and wraps up the album nicely. This track highlights the band's talent into one jam-packed track to finish off with a bang.

This is a highly recommended album and you can listen here: