Introducing Millennial

Millennial is a rapper from Mississippi with a godly flow, reminiscent of old school hip-hop, while also experimenting with new and creative sounds.

My favourite track from this artist is Who Am I. This track is a great insight into the world and background of this artist. This track is full of clever rhymes; "Smackdown Vs Raw they're trying to undertake me". The flow is consistent and perfected. I could personally listen to this rapper on repeat. His long raps are always versatile and dynamic. Every line is engaging and you get lost in the music. The beautiful sampled beat is engaging from the very start. The 808s and kicks, keep the tracks momentum.

In 2017, Mr. Thomas participated in a talent competition in Memphis, Tennessee under the “Heal the Hood” program. He placed first in the competition with a poetic performance, received $500.00 and was blessed with the opportunity to meet Demetria McKinney (Tyler Perry's "House Of Payne"). In December of 2017, along with two classmates, Wesley participated in a program at the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum. There he performed two original spoken word poems and sang the song “Glory” by John Legend.

Millennial is very involved in the industry and is consistently creating new music with a meaning in order to make a difference. I highly recommend this artist. You can listen here: