Jason Penna Has Released A New Track Entitled "Burn This Crossroad Down"

Jason Penna has released a new single entitled Burn This Crossroad Down.

This a very engaging and exciting rock track. Let's break down the track a little bit. The bass can be felt nicely and complements the well played riffs of the electric guitar. The drums develop a favourable momentum for the track and create excitement. While the vocals are the powerhouse of this track. The vocals are legendary and every note is hit flawlessly. There is a somewhat grungy vibe to these crisp vocals that I personally favour. This track is astonishing and I highly recommend you check it out.

While you're at it, check out Penna's other hit singles such as April Swell and Where are the angels tonight. These tracks share the same qualities as Burn This Crossroad Down and provide the same exciting and engaging experience.

Listen Here: