Introducing Promising Audio Engineer and Producer, Jun Yang Ng

Jun Yang Ng (26) is based in Brooklyn, New York.

Jun Yang Ng graduated in Berklee College of Music for Music Production and Engineering. He started musical career through playing drums with high school band, and thats where it all began. He has recorded multiple bands like Category 9, Satva, Abram, Gregory Wilson etc. It's safe to say that this man knows what he is doing and knows all the ins and outs of music production and engineering.

He considers his production style to be widely conceived as the old school method, and that is evivdent in the final outcome of his work. He likes to work with artist and bands physically in rehearsal spaces, crafting the songs first, in terms of arrangement, instrumentations etc before hitting the studio and put our work on tape.

Jun Yang Ng thrives on making a large sound, and is always adapting to new methods and ways of creating music.

Jun Yang Ng's work is notable and quite prestigious. He creates a very creative environment and enjoyable experience for all his clients. This is the man for your next project.