Weekendson Releases New Album "Weekendson"

Weekendson has released a self-titled album entitled Weekendson.

This is a really beautiful album that features 10 tracks. The opening track Dark, is sincere and graceful. The vocals are pure while the acoustic nature of the guitar fits in well with the momentum of the drums. Syncless features some very intriguing strings in the melody, which highly engages me as a listener. Hero is one of my favourite tracks, the nature of the track is upbeat thanks to the enthusiastic drums and exciting lead. True Love is also a somewhat upbeat composition which is easy to vibe and listen to. Through all of Weekendon's music, he maintains a high quality of vocals from track to track. His vocals are warm and crispy in The Father, a composition which narrows in and focuses in on the vocals. The final track Daughter Dearest, nicely wraps up this perfect album on a high note. This is a well produced and executed album that I thoroughly enjoyed. Listen Here: