Cecilia Grey Has Released A New Album "Human Harddrive"

Cecilia Grey has released a new album entitled Human Harddrive.

This is a very experimental and engaging album. The very first track, Drunken Birthdays, is experimental from the start. The hook experiments with effects while the rap flow is different yet effective. Bitter Candies is different again, where the hook is more singing than rapping, over a very different and dynamic instrumental. This is unlike anything I've ever heard before, and I like it. Burning Bridges sounds different yet again. The instrumental in this track sounds very inspiring and uplifting when juxtaposed to prior tracks. An album with an array of emotions and moods is an instant classic. Leaving Voicemails is a cleverly sampled track with a very ambient feel. It is another approach to music and satisfying to listen to. Crying Animals is one of my favourite tracks. Although it is more structured than prior tracks, it is very ambient at some stages and a strong rap flow is executed and highlighted. The album is concluded with the track Highschool Dances, a very emotional end which nicely wraps up the album.

This is a highly recommended album and I am looking forward to future tracks by this very promising artist.

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