Uptownbodega Has Released A New Album "Hennesis"

Uptownbodega has released a new 16 track album entitled Hennesis on all major streaming platforms.

This is a well produced and composed rap album that is appealing from the very beginning. The first track (excluding the intro), Barcelona, highlights Uptownbodega's swift and unique flow. The instrumental is reminiscent of an old school beat, with real bass and interesting use of percussion to create a drum rhythm. 48 Crusades continues this iconic and legendary flow over a new and refreshing instrumental, that maintains the old school beat vibe. This track highlights Uptownbodega's perfected craft and proves that he knows how to make an instant classic, based on his rare and mastered flow and lyricism.

Bodega Radio acts as a creative interlude and breaks up the album temporarily before going straight back into the raw rap flows and praised lyricism. If you had told me Loose Endz by Uptownbodega was a track from the 90's that everyone was bumping and took off like wildfire, I would have believed you. This track is everything and showcases the artist's perfected craft and love for rap. This track sounds and feels like it should be on the radio. Everything from the 808s and melody, right down to the word choice works exceptionally well in this track.

Graves Freestyle showcases Uptownbodega's undying skill to improvise and create raps. This track is a true showcase of talent. The rhymes are executed perfected and truly amaze me as an immersed and engaged listener.

Thus is a highly recommended album that you must listen to. Listen here: