Interview With Jake Ward

We were fortunate enough to interview musician Jake Ward.

1. You've got a new album coming out and the first single is Put You Down Tomorrow. That's an unusual title --- what's the story?

It's about a guy who is a hostage of his own inability to let go of a relationship where he always ends up broken and alone, but he convinces himself to saddle up "just one more time" and be the one who ends it. Will he be the one to "put her down" this time? Uh....

2. Tell us about how the song was written.

I was hanging out with two of my very best friends and we were talking about someone who more or less provided the inspiration. By the end of the evening we had finished the song. It was cool for three guys who went to school together in Corpus Christi.

3. How has the single performed?

We're blown away by how it's done. It's done great on Texas radio. After a long run, it's up to #3 on the Texas Regional Radio Report. It already made #1 on the Texas Music Chart.

4. When will the album be released?

"Back on Solid Ground" will be released July 26.

5. Tell us about your band.

Well, first -- they're true musicians -- I mean -- technically they are total pros--unselfish guys who could be on any stage anywhere - shine when it's needed and lay back if that's needed. Paul Teltschik's lead guitar is so good you could strip his tracks and release a great album of just his licks.Owen Fitzsimmons creates so many emotions with the fiddle -- he did the intro to the single and it changed the whole feel. Conner Church is one of the best drummers to come out of North Texas University which says a lot because it is famous for its music program, and our bass player David Trevino is just talent, joy and energy on stage. They're great musicians and great guys. I'm lucky I get to play with them.