Ches Anthony Releases Album "Where I Belong"

Ches Anthony has released a new album entitled Where I Belong. The album consist of 12 country tracks.

The album opens up with the toe-tapping get down track Old School. This track highlights the crisp American country vocals, over a contemporary track that fuses multiple instrumentals in the instrumental to create a catchy modern country sound.

The song Carolina is an exciting track. The upbeat nature of the drums really progresses the momentum of the track and keeps the listener engaged for every beat. The vocals are the true highlight of this track and takes the listener on a journey.

Talkin About One Of Those feels a bit slower from the earlier tracks, as it opens up with an electric guitar which really pulls in the listener. The track then progresses, adding Ches Anthony's signature vocals and upbeat drums.

Even Bad Boys Love Their Mamas sustains this country theme that Ches has executed so well, with the unique guitar melodies, upbeat drum pattens and the warm vocals that tie the track together. This track is exciting and draws in the listener from the very beginning. This is the song you'll be blasting out of the pick-up truck when going down the dirt roads. This track is an anthem and possible my favourite of the album.

Sunday's Overdue is a feel good track. I honestly can't get enough of this artist. He shows a true talent and this track is the evidence. Every song has a different feel and emotion attached to it, while maintaining true country values.

Carley is a nice conclusion to this album. It is very slow and focuses on the vocals and the acoustic vocals to begin with. The track then progresses but it maintains the soulful and emotional themes. This is a highly recommended album and you can listen here: