inomili Collective Set To Release New EP "The Loveliest Lie" On 10-11-19

inomili Collective is set to release his new EP The Loveliest Lie on 10-11-19.

The EP consist of 5 compositions. The first track is entitled CRUZN and I find it hard to label a genre to this track. It truly has an experimental nature, that fuses rap with long pads. The instrumental of this track indulges the listener in a grand listening experience. You can appreciate the instrumental and production on this track, and the unique qualities it posses.

Positive I.D opens with a strong rap flow, criticising the flaws of the world. A strong message conveyed cleverly through a fluent and fast flow. The instrumental is dark and accompanies the themes and the message behind this track. This is a well composed track with a greatly executed flow.

Real sustains the themes established in Positive I.D. Your appreciation for the rap vocals and his appeal develops the more you listen. He raps about real subjects and themes you find yourself drawn into. He has a lot to say on this bass filled track.

Personal Gain Part 1 begins with very authentic sounding drums and a very raw rap flow. There is then an instrumental break that you find yourself indulged in. The track then cuts to some of the best vocals I've heard on a track for a while. Part 2 begins with a very unorthodox instrumental that almost sounds like a rock track, and finishes with the rap vocals we have come to love and appreciate.

I am extremely lucky to have the opportunity to listen to projects such as these. This EP is beautiful. The way it has been composed and produced amazes me as a music critic and I can't wait to share this work of art with my readers.

The Loveliest Lie Out On 10-11-19