Introducing Vio Beats

A new kind of business for electronic producers around the world, and a renewed opportunity for people who love producing music from their own studio. That’s what Dominic Janis aka Vio Beats is doing through his own platform——in order to grab the attention of artists who are in the market for new beats to sing or rap on.

This is the premise of “type beat” production, a growing niche that sees producing beats as a means of adapting sounds to a rapper’s needs and not the other way around. Groovy basslines, high pitches, strong hooks; that’s what artists are looking for nowadays. Thanks to his widespread online presence, a professional website, and dozens of beats, Dominic offers more than just that.

Recently posted on the Vio Beats Soundcloud page was a Roy Woods x XXXtentacion type beat entitled Dark Skies. Unlike most of the type beats on Youtube, Vio Beats creates a very unique sounding instrumental, but still match the qualities of the aritst he is inspired by. The dynamic hi hats, the 808s you can feel and the unique melody, all come together to create the perfect beat. Listen Here:

You can hear it in the way he remixes hip-hop beats to achieve a professional, modern, clean sound. Catchy tunes are carefully crafted to match various BPMs (Beats Per Minute, a term for measuring the tempo of a piece of music) so that hip-hop artists can immediately start rapping without thinking twice about flow and consistency. The specs are there to help them buy faster.

Clearly displayed on Vio’s website, BPM is a major force in the industry. It not only changes the way a piece of music sounds, but it also implies a different kind of vibe for the song that’ll be then written atop of it. In fact, it’s important to note that type beats can be used to create and self-distribute songs without asking for additional permission. Artists simply pay a small fee upfront.

You can find beats fro Vio Beats at: