Interview With Trevor Balthrop

We were fortunate enough to interview DJ Trevor Balthrop. You can listen to his music here:

Why did you get into music? We've all always been apart of music but it wasn't until recently I finally decided."You know what? I wanted to do DJ performances as a youngster. Why not do it?" Did you play instruments growing up? Taught myself how to whistle first! Always loved singing and mimicking voices. But as far as actual instruments go, I play piano and just recently got my first turntable. It's a super exciting time for me right now! Your music sounds very different but still really amazing! How did you manage to find your own sound? No sound is our own, music is for the masses! Took a long time to truly accept that and when I did. I said why the heck shouldn't I make the music I'm feeling that makes me happy. So now I not only make my own music, but I also make all music my own. No fear and experimenting! Three good questions, now let's hit you with a tough one. Is it true that DJ's like yourself play shows on shuffle or have their performance recorded before a show? I wouldn't be surprised if people were doing it! There are times I thought that might be what a DJ was doing. Break out the bright orange iPod Shuffle, hook it up to what looks like DJ Equipment, and let Apple do all of the work? Gross... To be honest though, this is sort of a complicated question to answer! Why? A lot of what we rely on nowadays are computers and better tech. Don't get me wrong! I love how classics sound. But we just opened a huge door to nearly unlimited sound possibilities! DJ's use to experiment with the classic sounds right? I'm not sure when they turned into human Zunes but I know for dang sure. I like playing with my sound as well as other people's sounds! If I can take a song someone already mastered and blow their minds with it. How freakin' awesome is that! Last Question! Are you going on tour so more fans hear you live? Hopefully! You'll just have to wait and listen for now I suppose. Thanks for having me!