Darrell Kelley Releases A New Album 'Here Ends The Lesson'

Darrell Kelley has released a new album entitled 'Here Ends The Lesson'. This is an R&B/soul album that consists of nine songs.

The first track 'Evil', is an exciting track and a strong opening to this album. The vocals on this track are phenomenal and speak volumes on what type of artist Darrell Kelley is. Kelley is a very spiritual based artist, using his platform to share the good word. This is a well-composed track that is engaging and a joy to listen to.

'Get Wild' has a different sound to it. This track is more inspired by electronic sounds and 808s. You can appreciate an artist who is the master of many sounds and maintains a stellar vocal performance. This is evident in this track. The emotion and tone changes, Kelley still adapts and creates unique emotions in his music.

'Voices' is a stellar performance. The vocals are the main highlight of this track. The instrumental has an unorthodox form, while the vocals maintain stability and direct the narrative and themes of the composition. This track is a work of art. You need to listen to this track.

The vocals are similar in 'Reason' and the artist's identity and vocal style are developed and revealed as you progress through the album. The glorious vocals are laid on top of a very contemporary and dynamic instrumental.

'God on my Side' is a strong track. This track performs well both vocally and in the production of the contemporary RnB instrumental. This composition is a joy to listen to and to reflect on the lyrics and the message behind the track.

The self-titled concluding track 'Here Ends The Lesson', is a strong track to finish with. The vocals are Kelley's best yet and the instrumental is engaging. The melody is somewhat dark and heavily layered. This is my favourite track on the album and a track I have a loop.

This is a highly recommended album and you can listen on Soundcloud here: