DAV!D&CLARA has released a new 15 track album entitled 'CONFESSIONS OF THE MACHINE'. The album is of an experimental and computer-generated nature.

The first track 'Repair', has a very mysterious vibe to it. The instrumental of the track sounds unorthodox and works in accordance with the almost spoken-word vocals. This is an engaging track to kickstart the album and sure gained my attention from the beginning.

'Button' is a shorter composition that starts with keys and a steady drum pattern. The vocals are the main focus of the track, and the atmosphere they create. It's a very unique composition and unlike anything, I've ever heard before.

'The Latest Bloom' begins with strings, very different from the prior tracks. The vocals remain the focus. The themes are melancholic and develop a strong sense of emotion as the track develops and the drum pattern transforms.

'Child Of Light' also begins with strings and vocals. It has a very unorthodox feel to it and develops into a unique piece as it progresses. This is a highly recommended track which demonstrates DAV!D&CLARA's ability to create a unique and engaging piece of music.

'The Lucky One' has a major and more optimistic intro from the prior tracks. The mood shifts and juxtaposes the previous melancholic based compositions. The woodwinds act as a melody while the vocals adapt to the sharply played instrumentally.

'Confidence' has a grungy/overdrive feel to the introduction that tenses the listener. The drums are then immediately introduced with the vocals, creating a mysterious and yet again, unique composition.

'Agape' has a very distinctive sound to it. You can appreciate the build-up in the drums, the lo-fi like melody, and the consistent vocals. This a track that has a very reminiscent 1980s sound and that I highly enjoyed.

'Pop My Clutch' is a great conclusion to the album. The lyrics are flirtatious and accompany the bold instrumental. This is a very experimental composition that achieved its goal.

This is a highly recommended album and we can't wait for more from this artist. You can listen here: