Lucas Marina Releases New Ep 'Consumed'

Lucas Marina has released a new EP entitled, 'Consumed'

This is an EP that consists of 8 mostly dark and unorthodox tracks.

The opening track, 'Immortal', focuses heavily on the instrumentation. A dark and eerie vibe is created through the minor melody and mesmerizing vocals.

The self-titled track 'Consumed' that immediately follows the opening track, is more of a trap song. The laid back flow fits well with the dark theme and beat. 'Wraith' is similar to its laid back vocals but heavy beat. The fast-paced and dynamic hi-hats add attitude to the 808 heavy beats.

'Exodia' uses pads more than the prior tracks to create a distinctive melody. This is an easy track to vibe to and a stand out for the project.

'Word 2 SGP' is a great achievement for this artist. The riff-like melody by the guitar is distinctive and unique. The vocals are reverberated and mesmerising. This is an engaging composition that demonstrates very dark themes.

This is a really engaging and well-composed EP. Every aspect of this EP feels right and well mastered. I am looking forward to future projects from this very promising artist.

Listen Here: