TRB Feddy Releases New Tape 'TRB Vol. 2'

TRB Feddy has released a new tape, consisting of 5 tracks, entitled 'TRB Vol. 2'

The opening track 'Fascination' appeals to me the most. This is a track that has a well-produced and engaging beat that draws in the listener from the very beginning. The flow is very versatile and dynamic. TRB Feddy has a unique sound and identity and it is something I appreciate as not only a critic but as a listener.

The track 'Addicted' tackles some more intense themes and topics. The production quality of the beat remains superb and the flow remains unique and dynamic. This is a very well composed track with mature themes and a credit to the mixtape.

This is a well-composed tape that I highly recommend. I can't wait for future projects from this very promising artist.

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