Sleep Walker Releases New Project 'Consequences'

Sleep Walker has released his RnB 5 track project entitled 'Consequences'.

The opening track 'All The Things' is a strong start to the project. It has a very romanticised feel to it. The instrumental is clever, the melody is string based and the drum pattern is upbeat. The vocals are elegant and direct to the themes of the track.

The following track 'Trust', has a very different feel. The track feels more intense than the previous track. The emotion created is raw and the hook is catchy. This a well-composed track and it is evident the artist has put his all into this project.

'Where Did You Go' brings the tempo down a bit. The keys sound subtle and pleasing, while the vocals become the main focus. All the right notes are hit in this truly soulful and emotional track.

'Questions' conveys more of an RnB feel than the previous track, sustaining the romanticised themes and pure vocals. The track is dynamic and a pleasure to listen to.

The final track 'Someone Knew: is a great finish to the project. The instrumental is very distinctive thanks to the unique melody and upbeat drum pattern and The mix of the female and male vocals are blissful.

This is a well-composed project and we can't wait to hear more. Listen here: