POMAGRANITE Releases New Project 'Vol. II'

POMAGRANITE has released a new project entitled 'Vol. II'. The group consist of 3 rappers; Della Kinetic, Everett Gibbons and JoeyRoxitt.1 singer; Bryll and 2 Producers / Mixers; Bryll & CharlieMixwelh.

The project consists of 13 strongly composed and executed tracks. The track that appeals to me the most, however, is the opening track, 'DUFFLE'. This is a very dynamic and well-composed track. It has a rare melodic sound to it. The interchanging of rapping to hook is seamless and feels natural. The drum pattern feels energetic and engages me as a listener. The hats, kicks, snares and claps are cleverly positioned to maximise the listener's experience. The rap flow is consistent and fast-paced, a quality I admire.

I appreciate the style and aesthetic of this group. Even the album art is something to be admired. This is a very promising group and I am looking forward to future projects. Listen here: