Özgür Özdemircili Releases New Album "Catch Me If You Can"

Özgür Özdemircili has released a new jam-packed album entitled 'Catch Me If You Can'. This is an EDM project consisting of 16 tracks.

A highly talked about track is the fourth track off the album 'Saturday Anthem Fever'. This is a quick progressive track that layers instruments to create a large and exciting EDM sound. The artist has a distinctive and unique sound. The drum pattern is intriguing and engages the listener. This is a well-produced track that has my approval.

Another well-received track is 'Cuatro Diez'. It has a mysterious melody and quickly develops into an intense EDM track. The quick arps and saws work nicely with the consistent drum pattern. This is a track with a unique energy. This is a highly recommended track as well.

The whole album is a work of art. The consistent and distinctive sound is one to be appreciated. I really like this artist's style and I'm looking forward to future projects.

Listen Here: