Damein Parker Releases New EP 'Damo Demo'.

Damein Parker has released a new EP on his Soundcloud entitled 'Damo Demo'. The EP consists of four songs.

The first track 'The Albeit Horizon', showcases the diversifying skills and talents of the artist. The instrumental is dynamic and multilayered, highlighting the artist's skill.

'I'm Done With That' is a song about distancing yourself from the toxic nature, whether it be in art or life itself. The track has a very fast-paced and energetic tone to it but also hints at the ambience at some sections. The addition of the guitar is a favourable and unique touch.

'See You Out' is themed around procrastination and not having the motivation to go onto bigger things. It has a more recognisable ambient feel to it and is heavily comprised of electronic instruments. A well-produced composition that conveys strong meaning.

The final track 'Just Doin Me And My Thang' is about - well - just the artist doing his thing. It has a very experimental and unconventional nature but is a track you can appreciate for its rawness and distinctive qualities.

This is a highly recommended EP and you can listen here: