Chand K Nova Releases New EP ' Why Stop Now?'

Chand K Nova has released a new five-track EP entitled, 'Why Stop Now?".

The opening track/instrumental has a real groovy funk to it. The absence of lyricism leaves it up to the listener's interpretation to create themes from the catchy guitar melodies, rhythmic bass and steady drum pattern. This is a well-composed track.

The track 'Beings' is somewhat downtempo when compared to the previous track. The guitar notes are lengthened and the bass is indulgent. The drums maintain a steady rhythm, making the guitar the focus.

The following track, 'Quarter Past Never', almost has a bit of a rage feel to it, but maintains mainly the qualities of Instrumental rock. The guitar is more dynamic than ever in this track, creating a unique and distinctive sound, accompanied by groovy bass and a sustained drum pattern.

'Adroit' starts rather slow and ambient. It then progresses into the Instrumental rock track we have come to know and appreciate. This is a triumphant and distinctive track. It is a strong conclusion to this well-composed track.

This is a highly recommended EP and you can listen here: