jAY SOTRMZ Releases New Project 'K.E.M.S'

jAY SOTRMZ has released a new 6 track project entitled 'K.E.M.S'. This is a significant project to the artist and his following, with sentimental values delivered by a distinctive rap flow.

The track 'Alone' starts with an engaging sample, a drum pattern and intense hi-hats are then added to give the track even more persona. The track is an instrumental and acts as an interlude, however, the production quality amazes me as a critic and is a track I favour.

Another great track is 'Outro... Goodnight'. This track has a raw old-school hip hop rhythm to it. The subtle strings and sustained drum rhythm adds to this. The flow tells a story and this is a crucial track in understanding the artist for what he is.

The best track, however, is perhaps 'Don't Play' which features Kayes Senaria. This is a firey track with a strong and powerful flow. I am in aw of this artist's clear and on-point flow. This is a well conducted track to conclude the project.

This is a highly recommended project and we are looking forward to future projects.

Listen Here: