Vienna Releases New Single 'Who You Are'

Fourteen year-old singer/songwriter Vienna, has released a new lyric video for her track 'Who You Are'.

This is a catchy and engaging track of the RnB genre. The vocals are pristine and flourish over the bouncy contemporary instrumental. The central focus of this track is Vienna's vocals and the talent she posses as a young aspiring songwriter. The instrumental is a nice touch that accompanies the natural God-like vocals and adds bounce to the listener's experience.

Vienna composed her first song when she was only eleven years old, as a way of coping with an illness that forced her to spend much of her childhood in and out of hospital. It took her mind off her troubles, and allowed her to express herself in a way she never had before. As her health improved and life returned to normal, she continued to spend her free time learning about the craft of songwriting, studying her favourite songs, and developing her own voice.

You can listen to her new track 'Who You Are' Here: