Raymone Lee has released a new EP entitled, 'I Am (Myself) EP'

Raymone Lee has released a new EP entitled, 'I Am (Myself) EP'

The EP consists of 10 tracks. Beginning with Intro (Who I Am), which demonstrates the lyrical flow of Ramone Lee over a bass intense track. Following the intro is, 'Mic Check Freestyle'. The vocals are intense on this freestyle, over a dark grime-like beat.

'Nonstop' continues this dark theme with layered vocals. The flow is clear and articulates rhyme. The flow is unique and heavy. The distinctive sound of this art is sound to be appreciated.

'Left Behind' has an old-school feel about it with the grunge-like drum pattern. The central of the focus though is the vocals and the narrative it paints. The vocals are dark and heavy, a sustained theme in this EP.

There is also a skit in this EP entitled, 'Therapy Session'. This is a great and necessary break that excises the use of stereo sound and an insight into the artist.

The EP then picks back up with the track, 'I Am Myself'. This is a bass-heavy and dark track that demonstrates Ramone's talent and skill as an artist.

The track 'Fall Back' is perhaps my favourite on the EP. The old school spooky melody accompanies the dark flow and attitude. The flow is clear and appeals to me as a listener.

The final track, 'Outro (Don't Give Up)' is a great conclusion to the album and finalises the project. This is a highly recommended EP and you can listen here: