Tomorrow's Tessellations Are Set To Release A New Album 'A Short Rain From A Cloudless Sky&#

The band Tomorrow's Tessellations are set to release a new album entitled 'A Short Rain From A Cloudless Sky'. We are currently obtaining an early listen into the upcoming album. When we get a listen, we will publish our thoughts on this highly anticipated album in an upcoming post.

Tomorrow's Tessellations is the solo project and creative vessel for composer, songwriter, and frontman, Valentino Venti with a live and studio band consisting of Thomas Prata on bass, Randy Maurer on drums, Matt Plazola on guitar, and Noah Lee on keys/cowbell. Founded in 2015 and known for their energetic live shows, Tomorrow's Tessellations bring an eclectic mixture of indie rock, new wave, garage rock, and smooth alternative rock to the table. Boasting influences from The Strokes and The Velvet Underground to Tally Hall and Neutral Milk Hotel, the creative direction never truly settles in one place.

Their most popular track, 'Nostalgia' is a playful and enlighten track, that experiments with sounds to create a distinctive composition. We are excited to see what this group does in their upcoming project.

Stay Tuned!

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