DAMIVN introducing brand new single: “Something Good”

It has been 4 years since his latest release, but Belgian producer DAMIVN (Damian) hasn’t stood still. In fact, he has been producing for many other artists. Now, the hit-maker came up with a new name for his musical act, and he recently finished working on a new single. The track's name is "Something Good," and it is a great example of DAMIVN's unique twist and unmistakable production flow. "Something Good" is going to be released on August 15th, so stay tuned and don't miss out!

On "Something Good," DAMIVN managed to portray a rich emotional subtext. The track has a very uplifting breakdown and a rich arrangement. The string parts are beautiful and soothing, while the piano is huge and all-embracing. This unique feel leads the song to new heights.

The arrangement of the song is dynamic and engaging. Listeners will be immediately captivated by the cinematic melodies, which build up from the start of the song. Eventually, the melodic introduction delves into a full-on house beat. The bass line stands out for its depth and hefty weight, giving a massive thump to the whole song!

The vocal style is positive and inspiring, sharing happy vibes with the audience!

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