Tracey Coryell Releases New Single 'Shotgun'

Tracey Coryell has released a new single entitled, 'Shotgun'.

This song sounds immaculate. The vocals are at the central focus of this track. The acoustic based track accompanies the country-pop vocals well. The vocals are dynamic and adapt to the changing nature and tempo of the track. The drums in this track build a rhythm for this single and creates a distinctive sound and emotion. This is a highly recommended single and you can listen here:

Tracey Coryell is a singer/songwriter based out of Orlando Florida. She was recently signed to the Indie record label, RHOMBUS Records out of Los Angeles, California. Currently Tracey is still working on her upcoming album, “raVel” in the beautiful and charming city of St. Augustine, Florida with Producer/Engineer Lucio Rubino at his studio, The Fish Tank. The album will get released late Autumn 2019.