Lyricast Releases New Single "We Outchea (W.O.S.A)"

Lyricast has released a new track entitled We Outchea (W.O.S.A) on Soundcloud.

This is a very unconventional track that experiemwnts with live drums and riffs to create a distinctive track. The vocals are at the core of this project and narrate the themes and ideas behind Lyricast. The uniqueness and creative insight this track brings is exceptional. This is a highly reccomended track.

He who had a dream, and milked it to reality; Lyricast! Flooding one’s soul for music notes since 2001, marked him. Work can always be fun if one loves what they do. High school to College days molded beyond free-lunch ways of the Juicy Juice. Challenged by re-living raw and un-popular moods, to sweating energy and heart in sound-recording booths.

Listen Here: