Neffex Releases New Lyric Video for Tracks 'Fight Back', 'Soldier' And 'Unstoppa

Rapper Neffex has released a new lyric video for the tracks 'Fight Back', 'Soldier' and 'Unstoppable'.

'Fight Back' has a very inspiring and powerful sound in the instrumental with elements of dubstep and Hip Hop. The lyrical flow is clear and strong. The lyrical ability matches the production level of this track. This is an exciting opener to the lyric video.

'Soldier' sustains the energy and momentum set out in Fight Back. The hook takes a step back from the harsh and powerful verses. There is a certain energy Neffex posses that you have to admire and you find engaged by.

The final track 'Unstoppable' continues this energy and momentums set as precedence in the previous tracks. The beat is hard hitting and the vocals are fluent and clear. This is an energetic composition to conclude the tree tracks.

Neffex is beaming with talent and we can't wait for future projects.

Listen here: