Kÿpe Releases New Single 'I Just Feel Alive Again'

Kÿpe has released a new single entitled, 'I Just Feel Alive Again'.

The track has a melodic rhythm to it. The flow directly accompanies the rhythm and the energy of the beat. The themes of the composition is somewhat melancholic, but the optimisim of the beat ballences the emotion. This is a well composed track and a testament to Kÿpe's recent work. The track has recieved an overwhelming amount of support from the Soundcloud community.

Kÿpe, a musician out of Atlanta, GA has a passion for writing music and changing peoples lives through the power of song and lyricism.

For 6 years, Kÿpe has honed and perfected his craft by mixing, mastering, and writing every lyric he has have ever performed.

'I am a product of all of the chaos inside of my mind, interpreted into melodic cadences and relentless flows.' states Kÿpe.

His first track 'Kamikaze' (feat. iAmByrd & Slim Ducky) demonstrates the artist's change in style and improvement over the years of performing. 'Kamikaze' is a powerful and strong composition that focuses on the flow and power the power of the instrumental. The flow accompanies the hard hitting 808 track.

Kÿpe has released a series of Freestyles, my favourite being 'Open Letter'. The track focuses on story telling and has a direct insight to the madness that goes on in the artist's mind. The sampled beat adds to the genuity of the beat. The flow and lyricism is at the centre of this track however. This is a highly recommended track:

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