Charlie Rogers Set To Release New Single 'Insomniac'

Nasvhille based pop/country artist Charlie Rogers, is set to release his new single "Insomniac".

Taking inspiration from Charlie's personal battle with insomnia, this song is a twist on the traditional causes. In most cases, insomnia is caused by stress, or a chemical imbalance, but Charlie is being kept from sleep by thoughts of another person.

Insomnia brings a perfect blend of pop/country production accompanied with playful lyrics that is not generally heard in todays country music.

The country vocals accompany the dance/pop like loops and melodies. The drums sustain a groovy and funky rhythm. The vocals delivers an exceptional experience with unique and distinctive lyricism. You can hear the country slang in the vocals and it adds to the experience. This is a highly reccomended track and we are looking forward to future projects.


The track is out now and you can listen here:

Listen Here: