Myleage T.R.L. Releases New EP 'Dichotomy'

Myleage T.R.L. has released a new EP entitled, 'Dichotomy'.

Myleage T.R.L.expresses his emotions and lessons learned in his new 5 track EP 'Dichotomy'. There is a particular that flow and style that the artist masters as heard in the opening track, 'Bad Guy Business'. The following track has more of an RnB style to it however, 'N.O.Y.B' is filled with rap verses but has a RnB like hook. 'Wasted Time' has an old school hip hop vibe, contrasting the next 'Season Salt', that has a dark emotion that mirrors the likeness of the opening track and the final track 'Don Flow (Freestyle)'. This is a highly recommended EP and you can listen here:

We look forward to future projects by Myleage T.R.L.