Interview With Northeastbeats

When did you realise that you had a passion for music?

[Quiet Character] I was in high school, roughly grade 9, when I really started playing with sounds and starting to make what I called at the time music.

[5tate Of Mind] I guess I would have to say it mostly stemmed from being introduced at an early age to music that wasn't normal for most kids to be exposed to. My father always played Sabbath, Motorhead, Sepultura, Helloween and Maiden and my buddy's brothers showed us Korn, Linkin park, Meshuggah, system of a down, Poison the well etc. Being surrounded by thought provoking music heavy riffs and the full support of my parents in the arts it kinda just built it self over time.

[Gavin] Music has always been a massive part of my life but the memory the sticks out the most is me and my mom singing in the kitchen when I was a little boy.

[Massive] When I started playing the drums I was about 12 getting good at like 14 and I always thought this is what I wanted to do anything with music. Started writing rhymes in grade 8 for a project and it just progressed from there.

[Stonsz] I feel I've always had a passion for music, for as long as I can remember. I've always had either my mum or dad throwing on songs, or my uncle showing me my first rap songs and other cool trippy shit. I realize I wanted to start making music in high school though.

Who are your main inspirations as an artist?

[Quiet Character] It's really hard to name a select few I really vibe a lot of genres right now and my answer today wont be the same next year. When I first got into making music I was really inspired by new artists like skrillex, zeds dead and Flux pavilion. Right now I'm hugely into guys like San holo, Rezz, and joji.

[5tate Of Mind] My main inspirations as an artist mostly float around the "core" genres of music.Before I started rhyming I had been playing the drums for a few years and putting together little jam projects with the guys. Emulating bands like underoath and the devil wears prada we rocked heavy riffs and dirty breakdowns...It was the energy created when jamming really gave me the artistic drive and inspiration to search for other outletsThen well in highschool I met Massive he taught me the foundations to hiphop and off we went.

[Gavin] I’d have to say 2pac, bob Marley are my biggest inspirations.

[Massive] Got to be Immortal Technique. And Krs one.

[Stonsz] My main inspiration would have to be chuck D, Brother Ali,And Krs one, and rza too.

What would you like to achieve as an artist?

[Quiet Character] I feel like I just achieved my last goal and I need to set a new one. I really wanted my music to get out there and its exciting to see real results. I think now what I'd really like to focus on is building an impressive discography.

[5tate Of Mind] It sounds corny I guess but I just want to send the message ya know you'll be okay!Pun intended haha... I talk alot about the struggles with addiction and the observation of people dealing with the hardest moments of their life. If I can reach one person who can feel strength know if one person can make it through lifes tough challenges they can to.

[Gavin] I’m just glad We can make music honestly I’m just trying to spread some love and some great music and if people vibe to it and feel something from it then that’s a even bigger blessing. Just trying to keep real music alive.

[Massive] I just want to be heard and help people doing it.I think alot of people are caught up in the middle of life you know, maybe we can lighten the mood. for like 3 minutes or until the next song.

[Stonsz] If I can help some one threw music then that's all I need, I'd be happy with that.

What is your most memorable moment while being an artist?

[Quiet Character] As of right now getting 30 odd thousand streams to an album I thought might get 1000.

[5tate Of Mind] The most memorable moment was our first show! Having the crowd bump so hard to something you spent so much time working on is an unreal experience Or I guess the day I spat my first fluent and dope free in stones / massive basement.

[Gavin] I would have to say our first show it was a blast.

[Massive] My most memorable moment got to be august third when our album came out and seeing the response and listens.Makes u feel u like did something right.

[Stonsz] My most remembered moment while being an artist would have to be the time we entered in to this local contest to win a song recoding and our crew completely killed it and ya it was dope very memorable.

What is the biggest artist you’ve worked with?

[Quiet Character] We did an opening set for Reel wolf and that was pretty cool. I'm really hoping future projects get me into a studio with some bigger players.

[5tate Of Mind] We are an early stages and haven't played a show with any major playersReally for us it was bigger that we could connect and do shows with artists from all different walks / places where our favorite hiphop artists ultimately bringing us closer to our goals and developing as MCs.

[Gavin] Definitely worked with a lot of amazing artists but my battle rap homie reality is a beast.

[Massive] We opened up for Adot wake out of philidelphia he was dope he got to the the biggest I've worked with.

[Stonsz] Haven't really "worked" with any other artist but my fellow members of the group.

Tell us a little more about your recent project?

[Quiet Character] This project took me literal years to produce and saw most conflicts that groups and bands split up over. From creative differences to drug and alchoholic benders we really pushed stress on ourselves to make something worth while. Some of us went through heavy relationship battles and it all really shows in the album. We dropped real emotions we were going through into it and kept revamping it be cause we weren't happy with how it sounded yet. This album is preceded by 100s of songs and quite a few pieces of gear. It's our best work to date and we set our standard high for ourselves.

[5tate Of Mind] This project was a collaboration of everything we've built over the last decade. A family built on supporting eachother through major growing stages in our lives, experiences and secrets written like a code in our rhymes and I feel that this album within everyone has described each if us perfectly from dope lyricism to a soul on a beat.

[Gavin] Our album you’ll be okay is just the first of many! We worked crazy hard on this especially our boy quiet character. I wasn’t able to be on this one as much I wanted to tho due to some health issues.

[Massive] You'll Be Okay is the album. The over all message is just that pick you up and move you with a motive. I think we all went threw hell and back to put this together and glad we did.

[Stonsz] I'm just happy it's finally out it took along time to get to this point and seeing the feed back we've gotten is pretty cool

What should we be looking forward to from you in the future?

[Quiet Character] Everyone in the group has been rerouted into their own projects now. Expect singles and eps scattered through out the next year

[5tate Of Mind] Being so open minded in music.

[Gavin] I'm gonna start using my vocals some more and I’ll definitely be in a lot more of the next projects we got for sure. Also gonna start working on a EP.

[Massive] You can all look forward to new material coming soon. It'll be nice. Maybe an ep maybe a mixtape idk.

[Stonsz] Be on the look out for details about my solo work working on an ep so stayed tuned Lots more to come another N.E.B(north east beats) album coming up Nothing but goodness.