The North And Wells Band Release New Single 'Kosher'

The North And Wells Band has released a new single, 'Kosher'.

This is a chilled and laid back track. The riff by the guitar posses an optimistic rhythm. The vocals aren't over the top, but adapt to the nature of the track nicely. The drum pattern and clicks are a nice touch to the smoothness of the project. This is a track that has a nice flow and feel about it. We are looking forward to more of what this band has to offer in the near future.

Listen Here:

The North And Wells Band is a trio of musicians who met at The Second City in Chicago and their name originated from the location from Old Town, Chicago where they all worked.

The group has been writing and recording for almost 8 months with vocals and rhythm guitar performed by Artist 12:12, piano licks and vocals by John Love and Jake Stopar on the guitar, bass and drums originally before adding 4th member Sam Roth on drums. 

The North And Wells  sound is like Stevie Wonder meets Tame Impala. With the perfect blend of old soul combined with a psychedelic peppering.