Ares Knight Releases New EP 'Royale'

Ares Knight has released a new EP entitled Royale.

This hip hop project consist of 6 tracks. The opening track, 'No Problem' has a mellow tone to it. The vocals are easy to digest and the beat is warm. The bass is well balanced and a pleasure to listen to. The lyrics flow naturally.

'Heated' - takes a more intense turn. The hi-hats are intense and the bass is louder and distorted. The lyrics are more intense and take on a stronger tone. The juxtaposition from the previous track is appreciated and works well with the projects goals.

'N64' has a beat, reminiscent of a video game. This cleverly named track is bass heavy and focalises on the rap flow and lyricism from this clever and well established emcee.

'Don't Panic' has an intense yet relaxed tone to it. The lyrics are consistent and the flow never stops. The melody is ambient and the hi-hats create a dynamic listening experience. 'Swish' shares the same qualities of the previous track. With a similar melody and flow style, this track does not disappoint.

The final track 'VPG', concludes the EP nicely. The track has an ambient intro but fades into an upbeat and intense track similar to the previous tracks.

This is a highly recommended EP and you can listen here: