Austin Dumont Releases New EP 'Atmospheric Lenix'

Austin Dumont has released a new EP entitled 'Atmospheric Lenix'.

This relatively new artist has done a great job on his latest EP. The opening composition 'Atmospheric Lenix', starts off slow, as you indulge yourself in the rhythms and dynamic melodies created. This is an instrumental and the narrative is left to the listener's imagination. The drums develop a smooth rhythm for the listener.

The following track 'Aurora' is slightly more upbeat, and maintains the same qualities from the previous composition. The composition is low-fidelity yet uplifting in an optimistic and mellow manner.

'Chillax Relax' is exactly what the title is. Just put on your headphones and chill out to this track man. It has more energy than previous tracks, as Austin Dumont takes you on a journey with his atmospheric guitar riff.

The final track, 'Stars of the Souls' concludes the project nicely. The balanced and well mixed bass can be felt and at the center of this track is the distinctive free flowing riff.

This is an amazing EP that I highly recomend for anyone looking for something new to try out: