Franck Dona Releases New Track 'No Education'

Franck Dona has released a new track entitled 'No Education'.

This track focuses on the Pink Floyd track, 'Another Brick In The Wall Part 2', and reimagines the sample into a club hit. The build up is alive and well, the drums leading up to the drum engage the audience to a very high extent. Then all you hear is; 'Hey! Teacher! Leave those kids alone!' before dropping into a bass heavy melody with vocal chops of the sample. This is an astonishing composition that I highly recommend.

Listen here:

Franck Dona was born in a family where his father played music, so he learnt very soon the basis to start his own DJ career. His playground was Paris, France: firstly, he was the only long-term resident at the huge club «L’ENFER», famously known for Franck’s after parties.

Secondly, he played in most of the main super clubs in Paris like ‘Le Queen’, ‘VIP Room’, ‘Mix Club’, ‘Redlight’, ‘287’ and the ‘Ritz’. He extended his experience all over France, touring for the famous magazine Maximal, then worldwide in places like China, Prague, Morocco, Tunisia, Sweden, Germany and more. During his sets, he played alongside renowned DJs such as Carl Cox, David Guetta, Ron Caroll, etc.

At the same time as his DJ career started, Franck also started producing music for him and make a lot a collaboration. He started to gain respect from the tight DJ community, and was asked to remix tracks from David Guetta, Maurice Joshua, Ron Caroll, Get Far& more.