Messiah'el Bey Releases New Album 'The Nuyorican Jazz Experience'

Popularly known by his pseudonym and trademark Warlock Asylum, composer Messiah'el Bey has released a new 8 track album entitled 'The Nuyorican Jazz Experience.

The album opens with the intro 'Hear Me' which is a compilation of the composer's voicemails over some smooth jazz.This really sets the scene and sets a standard of what we are about to hear. The following track 'Ay Dios Mio' however, is rather more intense and energetic that captures the attention of the listener.

'When El Barrio Was Called Home' takes the tempo down a notch. The drums are dynamic and can't be anticipated, while the coordination of woodwinds and strings work seamlessly to create a harmonious experience.

'Nuyorican Lady' has a romanticised feel through the use of plucked strings and pads. The sound established is very different to the previous tracks, creating a band of diverse sounds for the album.

'Purple Sunshine (Ode to Prince)' is quite an intriguing composition that experiments with riffs and pitches in order to create an engaging sound at a high tempo. There is an array of instruments in this composition, complementing one another and creating a surreal listening experience.

The track 'Symphony of the Proud Garifuna' - almost sounds futuristic to some extent. This track in particulars challenges the assumption of what Jazz is, by experimenting with a unique and distinctive sound.

'Bennettsville Electra' also starts with a voicemail, then develops into a free flowing yet catchy jazz track. The drums and bass play a critical role in this composition in directing the narrative.

The final track, 'Too Much Sangria Is Never Enough Ayanna' concludes the album nicely. This last hurrah showcases this composer's talents and skills in a dynamic and traditional jazz project.

This is a highly recommended album and you can listen here: