Interview With Tomorrow's Tessellations

We were fortunate enough to interview band Tomorrow's Tessellations.

Hey guys! So, how would you guys describe the new album?

Hi! Hmm… We’d probably describe it as a space age emotional indie record that is WAY more theatrical than it has to be. I think we all wanted to shoot for something grandiose with this record. We always wanted grandiose music, but I think we really nailed it this time.

How would you say the sound differs from that of your previous stuff?

It’s a lot darker. It’s also the first record to evenly be split in two. The first half is upbeat fun songs written for the sake of performance, and the second half are more melancholy songs written for the sake of reflection.

So who or what were your biggest influences in creating “A Short Rain From A Cloudless Sky?”

Musical or non-musical?

Both are fine.

A lot of this record’s musicality comes from bands like The Cure and The Strokes, but that’s always been the case with us. Klaus Nomi may not have influenced me much musically, but I saw a documentary on his life a few months back and his story brought me to tears. So his story influenced a handful of songs on the latter half of the record. Also been obsessed with Neil Breen lately, so much like Tommy Wiseau influenced our last album, the Breenster definitely had a bit of influence. Also we fucking love The Bee Gees.

From the inception of the idea to the release date today, how long did this album take to create?

About 9 months. So this album is truly our baby. Maybe closer to a year, but we spent about 9 months recording and mixing it. Ideas got tossed around during the process.

Do you feel like this record has more of a personal meaning or a universal meaning?

I guess there’s a bit of both. For example, a song like Leaving Santa Ana is full of personal little innuendos to things I could only imagine myself understanding. But on the flipside, The Tragedy of Klaus Nomi focuses on abandonment through his story, which is pretty open to interpretation. I try to write as many personal songs as I do relatable songs. I think this record has a pretty sound balance.

So you’re a solo project in terms of writing, but did all of you play on the record?

Yeah! Everyone played on various songs. But Thomas joined towards the tail end of recording this album, so all the bass parts are either Tino or Kyle. Matt’s solos on this record are some of his best though.

What were the most and least challenging songs to craft lyrically?

Most challenging was probably “ Leaving Santa Ana.” That song had a beautiful melody but I couldn’t seem to find the lyrics that did it justice. There must be 15 different versions of that song written. Least challenging is a tie between “Vacanza,” which I didn’t write, but freestyled completely off the top of my head, and “The Tragedy of Klaus Nomi,” which I wrote in about 10 minutes.

You’ve also spent the month of August reissuing your old albums. What brought on such a drastic change?

A lot of artists I know aren’t happy with their early work but feel afraid to change it. I just said fuck it and went for it. We aren’t the same band we were two years ago. I want our discography to reflect the musical and emotional maturity the band has gained since we first hit the scene. So we’re happy to finally be proud of our music.

You’ve said that you get this a lot, but for those who don’t know, what does the band name mean? Where did it come from?

Okay so Bob Ross actually had something to do with that. I was watching him talk about tessellations on his show. It occured to me that we live our whole life in patterns, day in and day out. Wake up, work, sleep. This band is my way of breaking those tessellations, or patterns, for tomorrow. And so Tomorrow’s Tessellations was born. Beachcult Records comes from my deep love of the story of Yahowha and The SOurce Family, this crazy vegan sex cult from the 60s. Their leader hang-glided himself into a cliff on the beach. Fucking lunacy.

What are we to expect from Tomorrow’s Tessellations in the future?

In the future, we hope to do it all. We want to be able to tour, we want to be able to meet all the people who support this band, and we want to make a living doing what we love. A couple other weird goals I have personally are to have us featured on an On Cinema At The Cinema Oscar special to play Oscar Fever with Dekkar, to score a Neil Breen flick, to embark on making documentaries and movies outside of music under the Beachcult Records name.

Thanks guys! Excited to hear this record. Anything else you wanna add?

Yeah. As always: If anyone asks, love is the answer.

Tomorrow's Tessellations is the solo project and creative vessel for composer, songwriter, and frontman, Valentino Venti with a live and studio band consisting of Thomas Prata on bass, Randy Maurer on drums, Matt Plazola on guitar, and Noah Lee on keys/cowbell. Founded in 2015 and known for their energetic live shows, Tomorrow's Tessellations bring an eclectic mixture of indie rock, new wave, garage rock, and smooth alternative rock to the table. Boasting influences from The Strokes and The Velvet Underground to Tally Hall and Neutral Milk Hotel, the creative direction never truly settles in one place.