Johnny Buffalo Releases New EP 'Welcome To Buffalo'

Johnny Buffalo has released a new three track EP entitled, 'Welcome To Buffalo'.

Buffalo is a Brooklyn-based guitarist, producer, and internationally-ranked beatboxer. The EP opens with the acclaimed track 'Crestwood Ave'. It is an instrumental that experiments with an array of sounds and ideas both electronic and acoustic in order to create a distinctive sound. The track is sincere and takes the listener on a journey through the unconventional use of form and pads. Johnny takes listeners on a flight of sonic experiences, from electronic trap and hip hop production, to fluid and intimate notes of rock and classical guitar, topped with a swirl of his internationally-ranked beatboxing powers.

'Auburn Ave' shares similar qualities from the previous track. This composition however is clearly more darker and experimental in the beginnings. There is a more obvious use of EDM and electronic elements throughout the entirety of the composition. 'Buffalo on the Beat' is the concluding track and is more bass intense than the previous tracks. The use of deep vocal chops through the drop is a nice addition and adds to the listening experience.

This is a highly recommended EP and you can listen here: