Revol Releases New EP 'Humble Beginnings'

Revol has released a new EP entitled 'Humble Beginnings'.

The EP begins with the track, 'No Sleep'. This is a powerful track thanks to Revol's distinctive and rough flow. The flow is sustained and heavy hitting, accompanied with strong lyricism. The beat is 808 heavy and well produced.

Perhaps my favourite track off this EP is 'Beg Ya Pardon'. The opening sub bass really sets the scene. The flow is consistent and accompanies the well crafted beat. This track is full of positives and highly recommended.

'Bad Girl' is a highly energetic and bass heavy composition. The melody on this track is quite unique and highly engaging.

The final track, 'Clockwork', concludes the EP nicely. It has a very powerful intro that engages the listener throughout the entire single.

This is a highly recommended EP and you can listen here: