Interview With Flynn Cx

We were fortunate enough to interview up and coming artist Flynn Cx.

When did you realize that you had a passion for music? About the middle of high school which would make about 5 years now. Main Inspirations as an artist? Inspiration for me could literally come from the least expected but if we talking about just musicians I'd Say Bob Marley, Garnett Silk and Travis Scott. Goals I'm Looking to achieve as an artist? Being A Grammy Nominated Artist/Producer Start My Own Clothing Line Behind My Brand Cx Nation Start acting Most memorable moment while being an artist? when i was getting started out with my friends while recording with a webcam microphone in my mom basement, just teach you how to appreciate whatever resources you have and use it your leverage. Artist You Collaborated with? Did a collaboration with Jay Cypher off my latest project Cx Takeover. Tell us a little more about your project... Just Release this 7 tracks project called Cx TakeOver featuring Jay Cypher On track 5. I Had Drop my first official body or work in 2017 Before I migrated called Cx Meet The World so the Cx TakeOver Project really a follow up from then still keeping my concept over a 2 year span then break it down into 7 songs. 1st Song "Started Like This" bringing you into my life showing you what my days then versus now use to be like 2nd Song "4Life" just pour out that feeling of resentment on me, Like expect no handout you "Against The World 4Life" 3rd Song "2 Door" started with Jamaican sample of two ladies cursing in Jamaican Patios. Basically bringing you back to my childhood days. Walking the streets seeing that kind of commotion on the daily. 4th Song "Reboot" this was the first single to be released from the project, signifying the Storm is over and "I'm Back up in reboot" for good 5th Song "Heart melt" really putting you in that element to see a vivid picture of what we was accustomed to and how it'd leave the most coldest hear in a pity . 6th Song "You Are God" Just Put me in a element where i feel like i wasn't being appreciative enough of all that i'm blessed with so i figure it was best to express how thankful i am in a artistic way. "You Are God, Put me on top, make fellas mad". 7th Song "Drop That" something females can turn up to, my team and I figure it was the only missing piece of the puzzle so we went back in. Cx TakeOver Deluxe with 4 additional songs about to release next week friday September 13 What should we be Expecting from you in the future? Music Videos, Debut Album "Cx Against The World"