Blue Kid On The Rock Releases New Single 'Summer Platitudes'

Blue Kid on the Rock has released a new single entitled, 'Summer Platitudes'.

This is quite a beautiful and moving composition. The instrumental comprises of electronic elementsn such as arps and sub-basses, to accompany the largely reverberated vocals. Vocals that echo into your eardrums and create a sense of harmony. The themes are light and inspiring. This is a great single to start your day. Listen here:

Free Download:

Blue Kid On The Rock is Pierpaolo Abbatiello, an Italian electronic music composer, born in 1980 in Benevento. In the late ’00s he started as an acoustic singer-songwriter, influenced by old and contemporary artists such as Bob Dylan, The Velvet Underground, Radiohead, Broken Social Scene, and The National, and labels like Sub Pop and Arts & Crafts. He was soon drawn into the electronica scene, particularly IDM and labels like Ghostly International and Ninja Tunes. In 2015 he started producing his first demos using Logic and DIY equipment. In 2016 he took a diploma in Electronic Music Production at Fonderie Sonore in Rome, and was awarded best track of his academic year thanks to ‘Love Like A Grandview’. He subsequently started producing and releasing his own tunes, reinterpreting 80’s vibes and Synth Wave within a contemporary key, influenced by LCD Soundsystem’s dance-rock, Recondite's beats, and with vocals reminiscent of Matt Berninger and the New Romantic Era.